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Rescue Stories

Read below about our amazing rescue pups and their incredible stories!

Meet Roadie

It’s September 2017 and I’m heading north on Shirk Road on my way to the Visalia city dump. About a mile after crossing Ave. 328 I see something by the side of the road in front of an almond orchard. It’s a medium sized dog sitting next to a white Hefty trash bag full of trash. He’s just sitting there. I thought for a moment he probably belonged to a worker in the orchard although I didn’t see anyone. I continued on to the dump, unloaded my trash load and started heatjing back home. And, there he was – still sitting next to the stuffed Hefty bag.

It became obvious that someone had dumped the dog and the trash bag along the side of Shirk Road. I pulled my truck over and went to investigate the sweet eyed dog with a red color and no tags. He was a little long in the body and short in the legs – maybe not the most adoptable combination. I took a picture and sent it to my wife captioned “What do you think?”. She responded “Bring him home – don’t leave him out there to get injured”.

We brought this lonely dog to Dr. Kuswa to check for a microchip. Unsurprisingly, there was none. We checked lost and found sites and posted notices for several weeks with no response. He’s been a loved and pampered part of the family ever since.

There were only two choices to name him – Hefty or Roadie. We chose Roadie.

Meet Max

This sweet boy came to the clinic in 2009 and had mats, popsicle sticks and foxtails all in his hair. He was adopted by one of our loving clients who cared for him and all his future health problems until his passing in 2021.  We will miss you Max.